About InE

INE is a remarkable application powered and mould with latest innovation and research in the field of technology; designed to ensure safety to your family and home which will for sure, prove to be a turning point for many in the near future.


On the spot rescue operations can be availed 24/7 through a single press on the mobile or by means of a wireless switch provision. The press would generate an alert to the close by homes surrounding you and message alerts will be sent to preset numbers on your mobile to your neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. and to the nearest hospital and Police Station. Security personals would rush to the spot of mishap to render instant emergency aid.


Night Vision cameras will be installed at all major streets, colonies, lanes and by lanes during night hours for 24/7 surveillance to keep track on unfavorable activities. Packages exclusively designed and recommended to ensure safety for homes are offered using most modern sensor (Break Sensor Camera, Movement Sensor, etc.) technology.


INE is also incorporated with twin benefits-Safety and Insurance Benefits.


A better means to secure your life in a much better and possible manner through INE. TRY OUT AND GET TO SEE THE UNMATCHED DIFFERENCE!!