Imagine yourself in a situation wherein you desperately seek a miraculous saving hand at your rescue. Emergencies can be in the form of a theft, burglary or accident for which one cannot take any proactive measures unless powered by factors like intuition or sixth sense. INE (In an Emergency)-A unique, handy solution developed and designed by a crew of expert service providers using the state -of-the- art technology ensures the theme ‘Safety and Security’ to be effectively put in place exclusively for your home and family.
Most modern technologies have been blended and incorporated to transform your lives.
Anytime anywhere security service to ensure safety to lives now at your doorstep!!!!!
24x7 Security Services “INTACT”.
Home Security using Sophisticated Sensors, Camera.
Combo Offer-Safety coupled with Insurance Benefits.
Reduce “Risk” element in life.
All this and Much More @ just Rs.100!
Assure safety at every step in your life! Ensure safety at every step in your life! Your safety is our concern. Be safe with US! “Safety” never remains impossible with us. You are safe in our hands. Lead a worry free life with US. Your safety is our Responsibility.