How the system work?


Imagine yourself in a situation wherein you desperately seek a miraculous saving hand at your rescue. Emergencies can be in the form of a theft, burglary or accident for which one cannot take any proactive measures unless powered by factors like intuition or sixth sense.


INE (In an Emergency)-A unique, handy solution developed and designed by a crew of expert service providers using the state -of-the- art technology ensures the theme ‘Safety and Security’ to be effectively put in place exclusively for your home and family.


Get to Know -INE


A stranger can intrude at any moment in our life. The encounter with an anonymous person would often paralyse our reflexes say, for that matter, we will not be even able to make a call on time, put on the lights or yell for help.


INE ensures total safety to our life by making our wealth and above all, our near and dear ones’ life safe and secured by all means. A solution which you can trust to avert and reduce your security concerns.


INE software can be installed in a Nokia S60 Phone or a good JAVA enabled Phone. Apart from Phone, Households can have access to the service by opting for wireless switch provision wherein the switch can be fixed on cots or at some other convenient place.


A single press of key on your mobile phone or the exclusive device would alert the people around you and let security personnel rush to the spot within 5 minutes after the mishap has occurred. This solution offers a 24/7 tracking system for roads, colonies and streets, method to alert the Police while the threat takes place. On the spot aid will be rendered through this service which ensures total safety to our lives.


We are proud to offer a cost effective and fool proof scheme designed and customized exclusively for your safety and security.