Anytime anywhere security service to ensure safety to lives now at your doorstep!!!!!

INE provides a 24/7 instant security service system unique and reliable in all aspects, either for medical emergencies or incidents like theft or burglary. The security personals deployed for rendering security services are absolute expert trained professionals.


How secured are you?


Gadgets enabled with most modern technology like Night Vision Cameras and sensors (Break Sensor Camera, Movement Sensor, etc.) for homes and colonies can be used to keep a 24/7 surveillance. The system is incorporated with provisions to immediately contact security officers, neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. 24/7 by sending alerts to preset numbers on mobile phones or can make use of wireless switches.


Security officers’ instant availability during emergency situations remains to be the “catch” of INE. The security officials are deployed in such a manner that any emergency help can be sought within 5 minutes once the mishap has occurred. In addition to all these provisions, the activities of the security personals can be tracked using various high-end technologies. Emergency aid can be sought at any moment once the mishap occurs. A two-wheeler will rush to the spot within 5 minutes to provide the necessary aid. The security officers will be provided with a two-wheeler and will be equipped with the most- modern GPS/GPRS technology enabled phone.


The whereabouts of the security officers can be tracked using satellite enabled e-beat technology. The customers can seek information regarding security guards through web portals. Security officers’ help can be sought by using a short cod for example -2222. The alerts will be routed through phone server to security officers. The movements of security officers can be traced by using server and satellite signals and in case the security officers are attacked, the Pops installed close by to the location will be send alerts. Security officers can even be tracked through your Mobile Phone.


The security officers will make it a point to visit the customers who avail INE service every month, to know if the customers are satisfied and to take care of grievances, if any.