Most modern technologies have been blended and incorporated to transform your lives.


A low cost Electro-Electric-Mechanical solution is offered to prevent a theft attempt. Sensors like PIR, Reed Switch, etc. can be installed as per the customer’s demand and can be installed in the doors and windows of home to ensure protection against theft and burglary. Any attempt made to tamper the security system will send automatic alerts to the users.



Landline Based Alarm


An alarm module is connected to customers land phone. This would enable to send an alert signal to your neighbors land phone number in an emergency situation. A high end solution that comes with censor/ remote controlled camera is also available along with the package. This unit will be configured to drive CCD IR Night Vision and Motion Detection Cameras installed indoors or outdoors.


It will alert the INE server when a motion is detected in the vicinity of cameras. DVR is also provided to record video.